Leaflet on how to live a healthy life – teacher’s comment

One of the text writing tasks of 4.a / group I in November 2020 was to compile information on a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and design a leaflet with concise and practical tips for everybody. – There were many interesting results, notably this one by Julia Pecheim, which is also a perfect example of how to apply the “KISS formula“: “Keepit short and simple!“

Beitrag: Jürgen Pfeifer

Tips to live a happier and healthier life.Pecheim.Julia.4a (PDF)


Newspaper article about the terrorist attack in Vienna on November 2nd, 2020

Newspaper article about the terrorist attack in Vienna on November 2nd, 2020 – teacher’s comment

As the first writing assignment for the “distance learning“ phase in November 2020, the students of 4.a / group I were asked to write a newspaper article about the dreadful terrorist attack in Vienna on November 2nd. – Among the well-written articles, this one by Linda Rupp by far exceeded my expectations in all respects: from its concise content and its sophisticated as well as elegant language to its convincing structure and amazing layout.

Jürgen Pfeifer

Article Vienna terrorist attack Linda Rupp 4a_sources (PDF)




Digitaler Adventskalender 2020

Heuer ist alles anders. Da wir heuer zu den Vorbereitungen auf den Advent im Homeschooling sind, haben die Schüler*innen der 3a BAfEP kurzerhand einen digitalen Adventkalender für die Schule erstellt.

Öffnen Sie täglich eine Türe und lassen Sie sich die Zeit vor Weihnachten verkürzen.

BAfEP Adventkalender 2020 | 24malfreuen.de

Beitrag: Christine Vonbrül und die 3a